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Mendocino makes magic for wine thirsty travelers and foodies

The California area offers food and wine lovers a full calendar of choices from April to January and beyond
Patti Pietschmann

Looking for a wine and food soaked spring break? Think Mendocino, California.  Starting on April 7 you can sink your teeth into and quench your thirst at The Fifth Annual Sparkling Wine Festival. 

This  stellar event showcases Mendocino County's renowned bubblies.   Terra Sávia Winery in Hopland, set on a working olive oil ranch is offering wines paired with delicious tastes of salmon, oysters, pates and canapes.
On April 28, The 22nd Annual Legendary Boonville Beer Festival kicks off with a brewfest fit for kings at Anderson Valley Brewing Company. Craft beers from dozens of breweries from San Diego to Portland pour suds all afternoon at the Mendocino County Fairgrounds. Food and music round out the day. Boonville, Calif.

Then on the 5th and 6th of May it's Spring Wine Weekend at Destination Hopland, set at the gateway of Mendocino County along the Inspiration Highway, is the locale for this annual tasting event. Browse the quaint town and enjoy a bevy of local varietals paired with food and entertainment. 

May 19-20 the Anderson Valley Pinot Noir Festival kicks off with tasting of the region’s world class Pinot Noir wines. Set deep in the rustic redwoods of Camp Navarro in Anderson Valley, the event includes a grand tasting, technical conference, scrumptious food pairings and winemaker dinners throughout the valley.  
Moving into summer, on July 7 it th e world’s Largest Salmon BBQ
in scenic Noyo Harbor in Fort Bragg. The s annual event spotlights the region’s rich salmon haul with all proceeds directed to improve salmon populations on the Northern California coast. Enjoy grilled salmon and all the fixings to benefit Salmon.

Wait, there's more from July to August 
 July 21–22 Anderson Valley Barrel Tasting
Glass in hand explore the Anderson Valley AVA in all its summer glory; events and tasting throughout the region from Boonville to the Deep End.
Brings all things blackberry along with arts and crafts booths, blackberry delicacies, Mendocino County wine tasting and children’s 

See  you in September at the Beer, Bison and Bluegrass festival; the Seafood and Harbor Fest (Sept. 2)   
 September 14–15, 2018 - Winesong Charity Auction  and Tasting (Sept. 14 and 15) at the Botanical Gardens in Fort Bragg and even more come October until the end of the year. Want to know what's  happening then? Click on .

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Hollywood Hotel staging Oscar viewing party/contest

Get your Oscar night kicks at Route 66 Bar and Lounge 
at the iconic Hollywood Hotel

Patti Pietschmann

What's a more fitting way to
watch Hollywood's biggest night than at an iconic tinsel town hotel. The historic property has a new bar called Route 66 and it's opening it up for a gala star struck evening.

You can go with your friends and even try to win an overnight stay.

Here's the deal

The Route 66 Academy Awards Viewing Party & Travel Package will include the following for visitors, overnight guests and locals seeking a lively way to celebrate Hollywood’s most anticipated night of the year at the closest Hollywood hotel to Route 66:

· Special cocktails themed to match the glamour of Tinseltown’s hottest awards show and the 2018 Oscar-nominated films

· Prizes for the two attendees with the most posts to social media channels using #hollywoodhotel66 (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram) during the event, including a complimentary overnight stay at Hollywood Hotel for the first-place winner and $50 credit toward the second-place winner’s bar tab on that night

· Uber credit for guests who book an overnight stay and register with The Guestbook

· Oscar-themed décor and goodie bags, from a red-carpet greeting and floor-to-ceiling décor to take-home items for every guest to remember the evening

You can book an overnight stay at Hollywood Hotel’s website and enter to win your vist, that includes complimentary cocktails by clicking the Facebook page. Additional entries can be obtained through engagement with the hotel’s Instagram and Twitter pages.

The party takes place March 4, from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. Reserve your space at Reservations encouraged but not required. Reservations for an overnight stay at Hollywood Hotel can be made at

Enter the social media contest for a chance to win two seats at the Academy Awards Viewing Party and one specialty cocktail per person, and a room at the inn: 

1. Follow the hotel’s Facebook page where the contest will be primarily hosted, with bonus entries given for following the Instagram and/or Twitter pages. Contest announcements and details will be shared on all pages.

2. Participate in the Facebook contest by following the page and commenting on the contest post per post instructions by February 26. Additional entries granted for following and commenting on the hotel’s Instagram and Twitter pages.

*Based on hotel availability. Can be redeemed at any time between March 2018 through March 2021.

Two winners will be selected at random from qualifying entries and will be contacted to select their preferred date and room type. Each package can accommodate up to two guests total.

 The hotel is located at 1160 Vermont Ave., Hollywood, CA 90029.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Retro best in Los Angeles according to Rick Dees

Disco Duck creator/exceptional DJ/LA talent tells his best in 2007
Patti Pietschmann

The year was 2007 and I was  updating the ACCESS Guide to Los Angeles  (Harper Collins publisher).  I asked Rick Dees, the creator of the all time hit, Disco Duck, dessert cookbook author, America's Weekly Top 40, TV/Radio personality and entrepreneur to give us his favorite LA haunts.  Some may be way gone by now. But here's what the
What Rick Dees loved in 2007:

Best Cakes:
Aroma Cafe
4360 Tujunga Ave.
Studio City, California 91604
Ph: (818) 508-0677

Best dinner: dinner at the BelAir Hotel
BelAir Hotel
701 Stone Canyon Road
Los Angeles, CA  90077
Ph: (310) 472-1211

Best coffee, hands down:
Beachtown Roasters
Long Beach, CA
Ph: (562) 608-8542

Best bagels - hot, fresh, home made every morning by 5am at Bake It Again Sam
Bake It Again Sam
4007 W Riverside Drive
Burbank, CA 91505
Ph: (818) 846-7118 

Best Homemade Cookies (Chocolate Oatmeal Raisin among others), and homemade Peach Cobbler ...EVER!
Dees Studios on Riverside Drive
3601 West Olive Ave.
Burbank, CA  91505
Ph: (800) 742-5333

Best Mexican Restaurant in the Valley:
Don Cuco's
3911 Riverside Drive
Toluca Lake, CA 91505
Ph: (818) 842-1123

Best Pancakes:
12036 Ventura Blvd.
Studio City, CA91604
Ph: (818) 766-4437

Best Steak: the Filet at Lakeside Golf Club of Hollywood
Lakeside Golf Club of Hollywood
4500 Lakeside Drive
Burbank, CA 91505

Best High Tea:
Ritz Carlton in Pasadena
1401 South Oak Knoll Avenue
Pasadena, California 91106 
Ph: (626) 568-3900

Best Tea Shop:
Rose Tree Cottage
828 E California Blvd
Pasadena, CA 91106
Ph: (626) 793-3337

Best hot dogs - Pink's in Hollywood
709 N La Brea Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90038
Ph: (323) 931-4223

Best Salad: the Chopped Salad at La Loggia
La Loggia Ristorante
11814 Ventura Blvd
Studio City, CA 91604-2617
Ph: (818) 985-9222

Best shoe repair and best keys made (look for the big red shoe car that's parked out front) - Victor's Shoe Repair
Victor's Shoe Repair
3810 W. Verdugo Avenue
Burbank, CA  91505
Ph: (818) 845-4213

Best News Stand - World Book & News on Cahuengua in Hollywood
World Book & News
1652 N Cahuenga Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90028
Ph: 323-465-4352
Ph: 323-465-4352

Any of things ring a bell? Let us know.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Naked passenger causes chaos, a hamster as emotional support pet?

 Ripped from the headlines

Patti Pietschmann

Flying is fearsome enough without having to deal with passengers trying to bring peacocks and hamsters on board as ‘support pets’ and others stripping naked  on a flight. Give us a break. It's gotten out of control.  And then there's the consequences of erratic actions such as dragging passengers off  planes, punching them, gagging and more alleged reactions to situations.
Yep, according today’s Internet news releases, a college student flushed her pet hamster down a toilet after Spirit Airlines wouldn't let her fly with the animal, according to her attorney. She says the airline suggested she pull the plug on Pebbles. But also said the airline initially said she could bring the rodent on board.
Spirit has denied that one of its employees suggested that she flush the hamster.
Next, during an Alaska Airlines flight to Seattle a passenger locked himself in the bathroom, took off all his clothes, and refused to follow crew instructions.
Kate Danyluk, a passenger on the flight, told The Associated Press she knew something was wrong because the flight attendants kept going back and forth in the aisles and had put on rubber gloves.
"Alaska Airlines flight 146 from Anchorage to Seattle returned to Anchorage due to a passenger not following flight attendant's instructions. While no emergency was declared, the decision was made to return to Anchorage," Alaska Airlines spokesman Tim Thompson said in an email.Then there was the incident a week or so ago when a women claimed she had to travel with her peacock which sounds like poppy cock to this frequent flyer.

Give me a break.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Delta Sky Club guests getting a taste of Paris pastry from Pierre Herme

Mouth-watering macaroons and other Pierre Herme creations on sale now at Delta's JFK Sky Club

Patti Pietschmann

Planning on spending some time in the Delta Sky Club at JFK Terminal 4 this month? If so you're in for a treat from the World's Best Pastry Chef in 2016 by the World's 50 Best Restaurants, Pierre Hermé.  Passengers using the lounge and cash in miles or use plastic to buy by his iconic macarons and chocolates at thePierre Hermé Paris. "Pierre Hermé is a remarkable pastry chef and visionary culinary artist," said Claude Roussel, managing director – Delta Sky Club. "Partnering with him to bring his macarons and chocolates to our guests at the JFK Delta Sky Club is part of our commitment to connect our guests with unique experiences and incredible culinary offerings at Delta Sky Club."

The pastries, shipped directly from Paris, are available in varieties such as:

  • Infiniment Chocolat - Pure Origin Brazilian Dark Chocolate 
  • Infiniment Caramel - Salted Butter Caramel 
  • Infiniment Praliné Noisette - Hazelnut Praline & Crispy Praline 
  • Mogador - Milk Chocolate and Passion Fruit 
  • Ispahan - Rose, Litchi, & Raspberry pastry-making with his creativity, fresh approach and passion. 

While most travelers would probably prefer lower fares, easier upgrades and more comfortable coach seats, the  availability  Pierre Hermé creations at JFK Delta Sky Club is one of  Delta's latest attempts to  enhance its Delta Sky Club locations across the network. Over the past 18 months, Delta debuted renovated clubs at Newark Liberty International Airport and Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, expanded the Delta Sky Club at Raleigh-Durham International Airport, and opened new flagship clubs at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport and Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA), which features local, seasonal fare from renowned chef Ethan Stowell. Delta also unveiled Asanda Spa Lounges at ATL, SEA and JFK. In the past several months, Delta Sky Club at SEA took home three industry awards, including the coveted International Yacht and Aviation Award in the Airport Lounge category.

To learn more about this new offering, visit the Delta Sky Club website.

Monday, February 5, 2018

Political punditing pops up on stage at Atwater Village Theatre

Three weeks of 14 short play by writers voicing political views
A Diva approved night out

One Year Later — a must see for anyone interested in our political situation. The series  features 14 short plays by writers from across the country that explore fhe sad (my word) state of  our nation now and in the last year.  

This is a no effort night out. Just head over to Atwater Village Theatre, which is creating a cozy, speakeasy setting where you  can arrive early or stay late to have a drink and a chat with the cast and fellow audience members.

• Sunset in Chappaqua by Myra Slotnick, directed by Chris Cappiello — When Laine convinces her partner Constance to spend Thanksgiving hiking in the woods around Chappaqua, rare birds are not the only thing she is hoping to encounter.

• The Trouble with Cashews by David MacGregor, directed by Amanda Weier — A 4th of July gathering presents siblings with a unique opportunity to save the world.

• Elevator Repair by Steve Apostolina, directed by Judith Scarpone —  A man and his brother-in-law try to hash out their differences during an elevator repair. Buttons will be pushed.

• The Contributor written and directed by Ron West — Politics divides a family. Art unites it. Sort of.

• Here to Serve You by Barbara Lindsay, directed by George Caleodis — Airport security runs amok when two weary travelers find a lone shoe on the terminal floor.

• I Saw What You Said by Steven Korbar, directed by Martha Demson — Two women who've had a fight on social media run into each other at their local grocery store.

• Dreaming by Diana Burbano, directed by Laura James — an intimate and poignant look at the lives of a mother, living in Mexico but hoping to return to the U.S., and her daughter, a DACA recipient living in the U.S. who is facing deportation.

• Boxes by Jen Huszcza, directed by Jan Munroe — Anthropomorphized boxes tell a timeless tale about bullying. Performed without words.

• Fake by Jen Huszcza, directed by Barbara Schofield — Somewhere in the not too distant future, in a world where the Real has been, somehow, lost--or thrown away--a lonely woman searches for the courage to go out and find it.

• Razing the Statue by Marilynn Barner Anselmi, directed by Amanda Weier — A confused Confederate statue finds himself in a scrap yard.

• Darlene's Resistance Monologue by Jonathan Joy, directed by Martha Demson — A straightforward young woman from a small town in West Virginia discovers what it means to “Resist” and “Stay Woke.”

• Changing Hats by Abigail C.K. Lill, directed by Amanda Weier — Barney has just graduated from the college where he’s worked as a janitor for decades; who will change the toilet paper during the post-graduation reception?

• Empire Dreamswritten and performed by Caroline Klidonas, directed by Barbara Schofield, with choreography by Tony Testa — A rousing anthem that bluntly calls out our current socio-political climate, urging audiences to continue waking up from the seductive delusion of the “American Dream” in order to continue building and fighting for a world that is inclusive of all.

• 1 in 5 by Lane Allison and Company, directed by Lane Allison — No matter their age, ethnicity, size, or occupation, women play Russian Roulette with their lives everyday.

Those who get it on stage: 

• The Acting Ensemble: Lane AllisonJohn BozemanSandra Kate BurckGeorge CaleodisRiley ChandlerBrooke ClendenenBruce DickinsonCaroline KlidonasRichard Knolla, Elizabeth LandeDylan MaddalenaAmy MoormanDustin MyklebustKatie May PorterJill RamezLaura RichardsonBeth RobbinsScott RobertsKenia RomeroRebecca Rosenak PhelpsSteven RoyceMandy SchneiderDionna VeremisAmanda Weier
• Scenic Design: James Spencer
• Lighting Design: Ellen Monocroussos
• Sound Design: Tim Labor
• Stage Manager: Amy Rowell
• Presented by Open Fist Theatre Company, Martha Demson, artistic director

Mark your calendar

 Feb. 16 – March 3:
• Fridays at 8 p.m.: Feb. 16. Feb. 23 and March 2
• Saturdays at 8 p.m.: Feb. 17, Feb. 24 and March 3
• Sundays at 7 p.m.: Feb. 18 and Feb. 25
(Doors open one hour prior to show time so you can enjoy our relaxed, speakeasy setting.)

Where to go 

Atwater Village Theatre, 3269 Casitas Avenue, Los Angeles, (there is free  parking in the Atwater Xing lot one block south of the theater).

Tickets are $25 at

Oh no Chef Mavro is sold out for Valentine's Day but....

What a pity but don't fret young lovers there are options.....
Patti Pietschmann (a big fan of Chef Mavro)

Romance is always in the air at this intimate, candle-lit eatery outside Waikiki that owned and operated by one of the top island chefs, George Mavro

(Okay so it sold out for February 14 
 but get your mojo in gear a day earlier on Feb. 13 or do an apres Valentine's Day dinner on from Feb. 15 to 17th)
Chef's Romance Menu (5 courses $125) OR Grand Tasting ($185)
 both include Poached Shigoku Oyster and Valentine's Waialua Chocolate Dessert

Listen to Chef Mavro talk food (he's a delight to hear)
with Melbourne journalist Graeme Kemlo @travelwordsmith
(recorded a few days ago)
Chef Mavro Restaurant, 1969 S. King St., Honolulu, HI 96826

Read more of my pieces on this fabulous restaurant such as

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Eat, sleep, play at the trendy Orlando Hotel in West Hollywood

A little urban-style boutique hotel that delivers

By Patti Pietschmann
The Branzino rocks (photo by Richard Pietschmann)
Eat  at Cleo, the hip hotel’s millennial-centric, Mediterranean-style restaurant
Suite tub (photo by Richard Pietshmann)
Sleep in a deluxe suite with a heavenly bathtub and balcony.
Courtesy SBE

Play by the rooftop pool.

Nice fitness room to stay in shape (Patti Pietschmann)

The charming, boutique hotel sits smack in the hip and happening area of West 3rd. Street in Los Angeles, steps from shops and night life.  It’s ideal for visitors and even residents who just want to get out of the house for a night or two (and many do).

But let’s start with the restaurant where we dined royally last night. It was quite surprising to find an urban eatery that seemly was transported west from New York. There was definitely a buzz as lots of young couples and groups of millennials ate, drank and made merry. Below are some of the amazing appetizers created by the talented chefs:

We were hosted for the meal and served samplings from the menu from which my highlight was a perfectly prepared charcoal-grilled branzino with just the right amount of spice with fresh tomatos, nicoise olives and Calabrian chili. Cleo’s cuisine is created by from executive  chef Danny Elmaleh who has infused much of his Israeli-Japanese heritage into dishes that, as he puts it, “celebrate ingredients and cultures of the eastern and southern Mediterranean.”

Most of the crowd there last night began their meal with the restaurant’s signature cocktails but of course the Diva did her big, buttery Ferrari-Carano Chardonnay.

 Creative items (shown above and photographed by Richard and Patti) on chef’s list include brussels sprouts, spicy cigars, babaganoush and crispy artichoke hummus served with yummy fresh baked laffa bread, tagines, kebabs and octopus.  There’s also Wagyu flat iron steak and dishes  such as  duck matzo ball soup, meatball tagine with soft egg, tomato, squash and piquillo peppers.
 And for a happy ending
Desserts to diet for 
Cleo Third Street appeals to both your appetite and  aesthetic senses with a vibrant decor  of rich earth tones accentuated by grand artwork and a giant seven-foot mirrored ball hanging over the outdoor that reflects back  inside.  A custom mural by popular LA street artist Cryptik, titled  'FACING EAST’ highlights the room.  If you're looking for a romantic, albeit noisy spot, for Valentine's Day, this is it (book a booth or a table on the patio). Have friends coming to visit, take them there and share all the small plates at a communal table. It's also open for lunch and weekend brunch.

The Orlando Hotel has surprisingly affordable rates that include daily breakfast, WiFi, parking,use of a fitness room and rooftop pool and a very cordial staff.
Now for your Valentine's Day moment of Zen

The Orlando is offering a “Who Needs a Guy,” Girlfriend’s Shopping & PJ Party Valentine’s Getaway for Four priced starting at $650 for a deluxe king and connecting queen – a great value at $162.50 per girlfriend – and  $899 for a suite and connecting room.  Additional nights are $450 and $650 respectively.   The package can be bookedonline or by calling 1-800.62.HOTEL.

The deal comes with:
    • One night’s accommodation for up to four friends in a two-bedroom suite.
    • Four bespoke cocktails at Cleo -- with names like “A Night in Marrakesh.” 
    • 15% discount at Bed Head Pajamas – with an array of themes like “Champagne & Strawberries,” “Sweet Tooth” and “Bold Strokes.”
    • In-room Beauty Goodie Bag with Face Masks from Credo Organic Beauty & Samples of the top three most popular scents from  Le Labo Perfume  plus a certify for 15% off a purchase.
    • Four, One-Hour Bar Method Classes
    • Four, $50  gift certificates for Talisman Necklaces at Pyrrha

The Who Needs a Guy Val Day Gal Pal package can be booked online or by calling
800-624-6835 and is available Feb. 1 to Feb 28, 201

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Unemployed Elephants-A Love Story premiers at Victory Theatre Centre in Burbank

A comedic odyssey that follows two would be lovers on a hunt for a missing monk

Patti Pietschmann

It's a travel tale. A love story. An intriguing play about a  chance meeting in an airport lounge  that leads to a Burmese odyssey and a search for a missing monk… and maybe love. Maria Gobetti directs the world premiere of Unemployed Elephants – A Love Story, a romantic comedy byWendy Graf (No Word in Guyanese for Me, Please Don’t Ask About Beckett).

Unemployed Elephants opens on March 9  at the Victory Theatre Center in Burbank and continues until April 15 (which might prove great relief after paying your income tax). . The Victory Theatre Center is located at 3326 W. Victory Blvd in Burbank, Califorrnia. Get tix by calling  818-841-5422 or going to

 Performances begin on March 9 at The Victory Theatre Center in Burbank, where they continue through April 15. Three low-priced previews take place on March 1, 2 and 3.

Two strangers lost, hidden… and found? Brea Bee(Mutual Philanthropy at EST/LA) and Marshall McCabe(Lincoln Center’s Chicago production of Six Degrees of Separation, lifetime member of The Actors Studio) star as Jane and Alex, both on the run from loneliness and the truth. This might be their last chance to find true love — if only they can seize it!

“As soon as I saw a reading of this play, I knew the Victory wanted to produce it,” says Gobetti. “The locations are enchanting and exotic, the dialogue is nimble, and it possesses a lovely, gentle wit. I want audience members to feel they are entering another world when they come into the theater. We need that now. We need to be able to laugh.”

Graf is best known for writing dramas that explore themes of family, identity and home within the context of contemporary politics. Elephants is her first comedy, inspired by a trip she took to Myanmar in 2015.

“The trip highlighted and encapsulated for me our modern sense of feeling adrift, seeking something without knowing quite what, trying to ground oneself in the constant barrage of apps and crazes and shoulds and how-tos,” she says. “I felt as if I had walked headlong into a strange new world, a monsoon, not knowing what would happen next.”

Graf is quick to point out the play was written (and therefore set) nearly two years prior to the flight of more than 400,000 Rohingya to Bangladesh to escape a military counter-insurgency offensive the United Nations has described as “ethnic cleansing.”

“Some people might question a romantic comedy set in a country currently at the heart of what many are calling genocide,” she acknowledges. “Looking back, I now recognize the turmoil roiling beneath the surface during my visit. But at the time, we saw nothing, we heard nothing. The trip was planned because I had just watched a segment on 60 Minutes that was all about hope for democracy in ‘The New Burma’.”

The creative team for Unemployed Elephants includes set designer Evan Bartoletti, projections designer Nick Santiago, lighting designer Carol Doehring, sound designer Noah Andrade, costume designer Meagan Evers, graphic designer Jennifer Logan and photographer Tim Sullens. The dramaturg is Gail Bryson, the stage manager is Sean Spencer, and Tom Ormeny, Maria Gobetti and Katie Witkowski produce for The Victory Theatre Center.

Wendy Graf is an award-winning playwright whose plays include Please Don’t Ask About Beckett, All American Girl (Stage Raw Award nomination for Playwriting, Los Angeles Times Weekend Pick; LA Weekly “GO!”, StageSceneLA 2015 Outstanding Solo Performance Production; Bitter Lemons 2015 Ten Best); Closely Related Keys (directed by Shirley Jo Finney); No Word In Guyanese for Me (GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding L.A. Theater, Bitter Lemons “Top Rated” production); Behind the GatesLessons (L.A. production directed by Gordon Davidson); Leipzig (L.A. Drama Critics Circle nomination, Back Stage Garland award, Dorothy Silver Playwriting Competition finalist); The Book of Esther (San Fernando Valley Artistic Director Award nomination for Best Play, ASK Theater Projects Grant Award); and Bethany/Bakol (Attic Theater One Act Winner).  Graf is a member of Ensemble Studio Theatre/LA and Pacific Resident Theatre writing units and the Dramatists Guild of America.

Maria Gobetti has directed over 80 productions, including, most recently, the world premieres of Resolving Hedda, The Engine of Our Ruin and Pie in The Sky — all Los Angeles Times “Critic’s Choice” picks and all Ovation-nominated in several categories. Other directing credits: The Shoplifters; the world premiere of The Miss Firecracker Contest; the West Coast premiere of Ten Cent Night by Melissa Wegrzyn; My Old Friends by Norman Sachs and Mel Mandel; and the majority of BareBones Productions at the Victory. Together with Tom Ormeny, Maria founded and built The Victory Theatre Center. She is the director of the Gobetti-Ormeny Acting Studio, coaches at various major studios, and also teaches at the New York Film Academy. Maria is a member of the Directors’ Guild of America; Women in Film; Women in Theatre, which awarded her its 1992 Outstanding Achievement in Theatre Award as well as, together with Tom Ormeny, its Red Carpet Award for excellence in Theatre; AEA; and SAG/AFTRA. Maria, who served as chair of the 99-Seat Review Committee until this past year, as well as for the ATLAS organization where she presses onward in support of more, and all theater in Los AngelesIn 2017 Maria, received Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle Awards for Lifetime Achievement in Theatre and for Direction. She and Tom Ormeny were honored with the 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award from Stage Raw.

Details at a glance

Phone 818-841-5422 or
• Twitter: @Victory_Theatre

Tickets are reasonably priced, too
• General Admission: $24
• Preferred Seating: $34
• Previews: $20

Get ready to run in the Honolulu Rainbow EKIDEN March 11

All levels of runners welcome

Patti Pietschmann

Want some fun exercise? Join the 6th annual Honolulu Rainbow EKIDEN  on Sunday, March 11 for a race that starts at 9 a.m.  on the ocean side of Kapiolani Park, fronting Waikiki Beach and continues alongside awesome Diamond Head, passed historic lighthouse before returning to the relay hand-off and finish line.

Each relay team must have a minimum of three members, and a maximum of five members. Those who enter individually will be selected to participate in a “Friendship Team” with other individual runners from Hawaii and other countries. Members must present a valid school or military ID upon packet pickup.

Deadline to sign up online is March 4, 2018. Entrees are also accepted at the Expo during the following dates and times:
  • March 9 – 2 p.m,  to 6 p.m.
  • March 10 – 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Each 5K-race participant will receive a Honolulu Rainbow EKIDEN t-shirt, commemorative medal and complimentary refreshments. 

The Fun Run & Walk is recommended for those interested in a scenic stroll, leisurely walk or a fun jog along the 5K-relay course. The Fun Run & Walk is non-competitive and teams are not required.

The Kid’s Challenge, open to ages 6-11, provides young athletes an opportunity to get up and move during a half-mile, kid-friendly race. All participants will receive a medal and refreshments upon completion of the course. Participants are welcome to have a parent or guardian accompany them during the race. Walk-ins are welcomed.
To register for one of the Honolulu Rainbow EKIDEN events and for pricing information, visit Student and military rates are also available.

Ekiden, a tradition in Japan for more than 90 years, is a long-distance relay race in which teams of runners take turns running by passing a sash to the next runner at the end of each leg. For the Honolulu Rainbow EKIDEN, each runner will run the same course and the team will run a total of 25 kilometers (15.5 miles).

The event will culminate with an awards ceremony, honoring the top three teams of the race. Awards will also be presented to the most spirited teams, as well as the first place wahine, senior, student, and company teams.

Upcoming  EKIDEN events 
Aloha DANCE CONVENTION (Saturday, March 10 – 5:00 – 9:00 p.m.)
As Hawaii’s biggest dance competition showdown, the Aloha DANCE CONVENTION showcases up to 30 talented teams of all genres from around the world. Each team must consist of at least two members, and may register up to 30 members per team. The entry fee is $150 per team. Teams will receive 2 – 3 minutes of performance time. A panel of judges will select the top two teams to perform at the Honolulu Festival Grand Parade on Kalakaua Ave., Sunday, March 11. A free dance workshop will also be held on Saturday, March 10 at 10:00 a.m. Admission to this event is free.

The Honolulu Rainbow EKIDEN
The Honolulu Rainbow EKIDEN complements the 24th Annual Honolulu Festival, March 9-11 ( Under this year’s theme “Harmony Over the Ocean, Journey to Peace,” the Honolulu Festival features dynamic and fascinating cultural dance performances, music, exhibits and crafts for free, along with a Grand Parade through Waikiki and Nagaoka Fireworks Show over Waikiki Beach.
The Honolulu Rainbow EKIDEN relay race is sponsored by JTB Corp., supported by JCB, Hyatt Regency Waikiki Beach Resort and Spa, and the Honolulu Festival Foundation.