Friday, June 1, 2018

Just another evening of impossibly fine dining at Il Piccolino Restaurant in WeHo

The most delicious and carefully crafted cuisine served in a charming setting

Patti and Richard Pietschmann

It's where to get the best Branzino in LA (among other dishes)

That's Silvio, host with the most
“Is that Robert De Niro  or Al Pacino who just walked in, I asked my husband Richard? I always get those two super stars mixed up. We were seated at a lovely table at the alluring Il Piccolino in West Hollywood. The little hideaway, nestled  just off Robertson Boulevard, attracts show biz types who go there with the  main purpose  to dine on some of the best and freshest Mediterranean/Italian cuisine in town. It’s not like the Palm, Spago or Grill  on the  Alley where  celebrities  go to work the room  and be seen, but you do catch some shop  talk here and there.

Last  night one could hear snatches of conversation about the latest Twitter storms created by Roseanne Barr with her  unfathomable racial slur  that caused ABC to give her highly-rated show the boot, and Samatha Bee’s rant  about Ivanka Trump that went a bit too far even  for the outspoken host of the TBS Wednesday night hit show Full Frontal with Samatha Bee. But for the most part eating took center stage. And, like our fellow patrons, feast we did.

It helps to know the co-owners,  Silvio De Mori and Eddie Kerkhofs,  veteran restaurateurs and self-professed  foodies. Not that everyone who walks into the place, that is open contiguously from 11 a.m. until 9 p.m.,  isn’t treated equally. They sure are. But  Silvio   or Eddie always send over some special dishes.  Last night Silvio  was  on duty and he outdid  himself ordering enough food  for the two of us to serve 10.  “How do you eat so much and stay  slim,” asked  a person at the adjacent table? I felt a bit like a glutton. But they didn’t know the trick is to taste and bring the rest home, which we did.

We began our foray into foodie bliss with a  imported foie gras that  melted in your mouth. Then came a pate you wouldn’t believe, laced  with pistachios, mama mia. While we thought we’d just look a take a photo, the French onion soup, place on the table, was too tempting so we ate the whole bowl  which was generously laced with imported gruyere  cheese. I  thought that would be it for me but I couldn’t  resist he red beet risotto or the polenta that just danced with my taste  buds. There was also a house-made fresh sheet pasta  pesto with fresh burrata and asparagus that would have been foolish to pass on.

Our arms were also twisted  to  have dessert because we know how good they are here. So we dug  into  a marvelous bowl of marinated strawberries with whipped cream, the heavenly, signature chocolate mousse and the salted caramel—we  were in foodie heaven.
(Follow the foodie foto trail Richard and I created)

beet risotto 

Pate en croute with  pistachios

Onion soup

That was some veal chop  just about the best I ever had

Cheeses at Il Piccolino (courtesy of  Il Piccolino)

Il Piccolino  is located at 350 N.Robertson Blvd., (but it’s actually just around the corner) 310-659-2220, reservations are a must. Dress is California chic casual. A few people wear  designer jeans, but many men don  jackets and women tend to  doll up a bit.