Monday, February 19, 2018

10 ways to act like a millennial even if you're not

A catered/coveted  generation acts like they own, you an too
Patti Pietschmann

By now, unless your head's buried in the sand, you know that people between the ages of around 20 to 35 are the most sought after, catered to, coddled generation ever.  And sometimes if you aren't a member of this exclusive cadre you are ignored and left in the dust.  Well, there are some ways you can fudge your way into looking like you belong to M-Gen. Here's 10 of them:

1.  Always have your iPhone out and keep looking down at it texting.
2.  Take off the front plate of your vehicle. It's not legal, but it seems that Gen-M's get away with it.
3.  Ignore rules of the road such as no U-turns, no left turn,etc. and speed through red lights (not a really good idea as you can get a ticket or into an accident). Somehow G-Ms manage this often.
4.  Take  your mobile devices everywhere: in elevators, to restaurants, movies, plays etc. Never let them out of your sight.
5.   Live at home with your parents, if they'll let you, and it seems most will these days.
6.  Dress scantily even in cold weather and be sure, if you're a woman to wear tops with lots of straps in the back.
7.   Never hold the door open for another person. (Very rude, but then so many Gen-Ms do this, probably because they are too busy texting to notice.
8.  Always zoom past the car in front of you to get ahead sooner. I am not really recommending this, but it is the how Gen-Ms tend to handle the roads.
9.  Never say thank you, it's so de classe. 
10. Own it. Think you're the best, better than all the rest.

Now this is not a recommendation to actually behave in any of the above ways. It's  tongue in cheek and just pointing out how so many of most beloved generation ever acts. It's also food for thought because how can we not deplore these traits and why aren't parents (or haven't they) taught their children manners and graciousness.