Saturday, December 30, 2017

Go ahead smoke that joint, it's legal in LA in 2018

Where to score weed and what's in it for you in 2018

Patti Pietschmann

Psst! Wanna get high? Starting Jan. 2, 2018 you can puff pot legally in all of California.  But only a few places will actually be allowed to sell it at first. Others are awaiting licenses.  According to a Los Angeles Times story this morning, two dispensaries will open in West Hollywood on Tuesday but be warned, they will be busy. Crowds are expected to line up in front of the doors of Alternative Herbal Health Services at 7828 California State Route 2, West Hollywood,  (323) 654-8792   and MedMen at  8208 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood, Phone(323) 848-7981.

If  you're closer to Palm Springs or San Diego you can also score some weed t here but these three  locations closest to Los Angeles available until all rules and permits are fully implemented. There are some pot shops that will be selling weed on Jan. 1 in San Jose, Santa Cruz, Oakland, Sonoma and Mendocino.  According to the Times piece, the California Bureau of Cannabis Control has issued 47 recreational retail licenses as of Dec. 29, 2016, each they say, are temporary and will expire on Ma 1.

In addition to the anticipated sensation  of euphoria , cannabis
 has many health benefits which you can find here. (A few include reducing pain and inflammation, killing caner cells, curing glaucoma and more).

Weed speak:
If you're young and new to the drug here are some slang words used  for it: