Thursday, November 9, 2017

Another fabulous foodie fantasy at Il Piccolini

Dining out at LA's finest with Patti and Richard Pietschmann

The best Branzino anywhere

A lobster salad like no other
L.A’s top Mediterranean/Italian eatery,  Il Piccolino’s  indoor and patio dining areas are  exquisitely-decorated and filled nightly by  discerning diners.  Even when all tables are filled, the noise level stays low enough so couples could listen without straining because a quiet ambiance is what this culinary work of art and efforts by a pair of  beloved co-owners Silvio De Mori and Eddie Kerkhofs is all about. The two men alternate hosting the restaurant which is open all day starting at 11:30 a.m.  Both are masters of game but it is Silvio whom we’ve come to known best because he is coincidentally always there when we are.
SilvioDebonair, Italy-born Silvio strikes quite a presence greeting nearly everyone who walks in by name—there is a regular clientele of neighborhood denizens, show biz folk, and people who will drive in from the Desert just for a finely-tune meal made with truly the best ingredients money can buy and lovingly selected by Silvio and Eddie (who don’t cook but know the ropes well).
So what else makes Il Piccolino special? The food as mentioned above is impossibly delicious time after time. And we go often, so frequently in fact that Silvio creates special menus for us. Last night he decided to fill us to the brim with all the seasonal dishes on the menu.  It was a feast for bigger stomachs but we managed—although a good amount came home in a doggy bag. It’s not easy to control yourself when the food is just so heavenly, aphrodisiacally scrumptious.
We swooned over every course from an impossibly delicious lobster salad for Richard  (I’m allergic to shellfish) and a so fresh assortment of greens, strawberries, kiwis, walnuts and goat cheese for me that was perfectly dressed.
We had pasta bathed in truffles, Branzino that’s the best in LA, filet of sole that doesn’t get any tastier,  a heady tuna tonnato, desserts that
make your taste buds do a dance and of course some mighty fine wine.

Il Piccolino is open all day starting at 11 a.m. and is perfect for special occasions or anytime you need one of the best meals you ever tasted. Il Piccolino, 350 N Robertson Blvd, West Hollywood, Phone(310) 659-2220, valet parking is just $7.