Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Great gifts for the nice folks on your holiday shopping lists

Memories are made and kept from the Image3D RetroViewer

 Patti Pietschmann

Remember playing with 3-D viewers as kids, looking at pictures of national monuments or stills from your favorite movies?  What was missing from those pictures? You! Image3D allows customers to make 3-D viewers—called the RetroViewer—and custom photo reels from their own digital photos. 
And it will bring a smile to lips to everyone on your holiday shopping list.

How it work
You use Image3D’s Reel Builder website to create custom photo reels from personal digital pictures, then receive a RetroViewer and photo reel in the mail shortly after.  A viewer and reel set retails for $29.95, go to: www.image3d.com

Viewers and reels make for a unique gift for family and friends that is sure to make everyone smile—at an affordable price. Here are a few ideas for how people  can make use of  the  product on Christmas morning, New Years Eve or anytime they want:

  • A fun way to keep in touch with those you can’t see for the holidays.
  • A neat gift for the family shutterbug
  • A great stocking stuffer for parents or grandparents.
  • Change up the picture postcard with something unique and fun that everyone will enjoy receiving.
  •  A little thoughtful and romantic holiday surprise for that special someone.