Friday, August 11, 2017

Only in LA? gas station threatens to call police when woman makes mistake lottery ticket

No joke, this happened
By Patti Pietschmann

So I walk into a Mobil station on Fairfax Blvd. in Los Angeles and fill out two lottery tickets. One for the Power Ball, the other for Mega Millions. Both jackpots are over $300 million.  There were many people buying tickets and said clerk was multi-tasking. When he gets to me,  he asks for $20. I gasp and say, "but one's $2 and the other i a dollar.  He claims I made 20 picks, but I just filled out two tix with 6 numbers marked on each.

I say that I', sorry if I made a mistake (which I still don't understand), and can't you just void it out.
"No," he replies rather sternly, "I have to call the police."  Say what? I ask if he can't  just call the lottery and tell them a customer messed up. "Nope, gotta call the police."

Needless to say I am stunned.  "Do I have to wait for them," I ask. He just kept  repeating that he had to call the police. I started to conjure up scenarios of me with my hands up or calling my husband to bail me out of  jail because I was charged with screwing up a lottery ticket. It seemed liked a scene out of Dr. Strangelove.

 He finally relents and tells me I don't have to wait.  I didn't pay for the tickets (watch my numbers will come in).  As I was leaving a woman walking out with me said he was trying to intimidate me to paying the 20 bucks.

This goes in the books as one of the weirdest things to happen in LA.

Moral of this story: be careful filling out that lottery ticket.