Thursday, August 24, 2017

Americans drinking more wines than ever thanks to state of affairs

Could be sign of the times
Patti Pietschmann

Nectar of the Dogs wine is the labor of love of two women who donate proceeds to animal charities
Let's hear it for wine lovers!  We are hitting the bottle big time lately. Not too surprising considering the state off affairs in the U.S.  I'm sure the liquor market's up too. Well a recently released report from Beverage Information Group's 2017 Wine Handbook says that The U.S. wine market, the largest in the world, continued to show strength in 2016 growing 2.4% to 341.1 million 9-liter cases led by a 6.6% upsurge in the consumption of total sparkling wines .  A strong U.S. economy, employment and wage gains, and larger discretionary incomes all contributed to the category's growth.
That's mean supporting our local wines
Total domestic wines accounted for 76.8% of the wine category, up slightly from last year.  The number of U.S wineries also continued to grow, topping almost 8,300, up 4%.  California, the largest wine producing state, continued to capitalize on the increasing popularity of its premium and super-premium wine segments in 2016.  Wines produced in Oregon and Washington also continued to show promise as consumers are demonstrating their willingness to explore wine beyond the California segment. 
We are also going premium as sales  of wines priced under $10 slip while higher-priced label sales rise. in the $10 to $20 range thriving.  
Table wine grew to 309.4 million 9-liter cases, a 2.2% increase over 2015, according to the 2017 Wine Handbook.  
The champagne and sparkling wine category continues to grow with  22.1 million 9-liter cases, up an impressive 7.8%.  Domestic sparkling wine reached 11.9 million 9-liter cases resulting in a 5.2% increase in volume, continuing an eleven-year growth streak.

The 2017 Wine Handbook, which sells for a whopping $925 in hard cover, is a comprehensive source of information on U.S. wine industry sales trends that includes consumption data and projected sales by category and by market, as well as leading brands and historical information.  Categories include table, fortified and dessert wines, sparkling and champagne, vermouth and wine coolers.