Friday, July 21, 2017

Millennial madness meets the friendly skies or Air France

Much coveted generation to get own airline

Reported by Patti Pietschmann

It was bound to happen. In this millennial-consumer-crazed era, Air France is creating an airline just for the beloved demographic. It will be called Joon and start operating medium-haul flights from Paris-Charles de Gaulle in the fall, followed by long-haul flights in summer 2018.
Aimed at the young, digitally-addicted  working class ages 18 to 35 year-old (which were once defined as Yuppies), the  new brand has been entirely designed to meet their requirements and aspirations, with an authentic and connected offering that stands out in the world of air transport.
Don't get Air France wrong, Joon will not be a low-cost carrier but rather operate much like the mother airline. Air France's press release states, "Joon is a lifestyle brand and a state of mind. Short, punchy and international, the name Joon is designed to address a worldwide audience." 

"We started with our target customer segment, the millennials, to create this new brand that means something to them. Our brief was simple: to find a name to illustrate a positive state of mind. This generation has inspired us a lot: epicurean and connected, they are opportunistic in a positive sense of the word as they know how to enjoy every moment and are in search of quality experiences that they want to share with others. Joon is a brand that carries these values", said Caroline Fontaine", VP Brand at Air France. "With Joon, we have created a young and connected brand that will give the Group a new impetus. Designed for our millennial customers, it will offer more than just a flight and a fare, it will offer a global travel experience. We’ll provide a further update in September, with more details on the brand's content, products, services, destinations and range of fares!" said Dominique Wood, EVP Brand and Communications at Air France.