Saturday, June 10, 2017

Let's hear it for suds-loving San Diegans

Beer drinking for a cause
Patti Pietschmann

Costa Rican-based Cerveza Imperial, the world's first and only water positive beer, has chosen San Diego (along with Denver) for its re-launch. To spin its positive concept of "giving more than it takes," Imperial will partner with Surfrider Foundation San Diego, California Surf Museum, Aaron Chang, and various clean-up events throughout San Diego County to help fund and support efforts to restore and sustain San Diego's clean water initiatives.

"We have committed to a revolutionary concept of being the world's first and only 'water positive' beer, a unique approach that allows us to return more fresh water to the environment than we use," said Gisela Sanchez, Cerveza Imperial's corporate affairs director. "Imperial analyzed its entire water footprint in sourcing, brewing and transporting our beer to understand our total water impact. We looked for ways to not only reach water neutrality by reducing and compensating the water we use but to actually improve upon the availability of fresh water in Costa Rica."
So suds-loving  San Diegans are helping to save the environment by drinking Imperial products, Sanchez said. Cerveza Imperial is investing in Surfrider Foundation San Diego's No Border Sewage Program to support clean water advocacy and the advancement of the Tijuana River Valley Recovery Plan. Through the partnership, Imperial will host a dedicated beach clean-up at Imperial Beach June 10 from 3 pm to 4:30 pm in celebration of World Ocean Day, and will host a Goat Canyon clean-up during Tijuana River Action Month (TRAM) in September / October.
"Imperial's assistance with this program allows us to fund a much-needed part-time bilingual policy manager who can work with agencies on both sides of the border, work with federal and local elected officials, and advocate for change in the region," said Jake Sneeden, chair of the executive committee for Surfrider Foundation San Diego.

Mission made possible by Ceveza Imperial adopting  the following four-step process of measure, reduce, compensate and create positive value in achieving a positive water footprint:
  1. Measure. Analyze and measure the entire production water footprint including all suppliers and water used in the distribution process.
  2. Reduce. Once a benchmark is established, the operation team develops processes that reduce water usage in the brewing, fermenting and packaging process, achieving an average 44 percent reduction in water usage over the last nine years while increasing production 70 percent.
  3. Compensation. The third step is "offsetting" water being used in the production process and supply chain by "returning" water to the eco-system for water use. Cerveza Imperial protects more than 600 hectares (1,482 acres) of the Costa Rican tropical forest that are critical in trapping rainwater, recharging the natural water basins and protecting the quality of the water by reducing runoff.
  4. Create Positive Value. Cerveza Imperial partners with local non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to improve access to fresh water, conserve fresh water, clean fresh water, and sustain fresh water.
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