Thursday, May 11, 2017

Are they serious National Eat What You Want Day pleeze

A day dedicated to throwing calorie caution and healthy options out the door

Patti Pietschmann

As a dedicated health fanatic I find it rather foolish that two people started a day a year that gives people an excuse for pigging out on unhealthy choices.  Of course few people need to be told they can eat what they want. With the obesity rate climbing steadily in America it's obvious many already do.

But today you can indulge your cravings for any edible without having to say you're sorry or going to calorie confession. I'm Patti Pietschmann and I really don't approve this message. However, you  won't need absolution for that Big Mac, hot fudge sundae, donuts, cupcakes, pizza, fries and such because of
Eat What You Want Day which was created by Thomas and Ruth Roy of