Thursday, May 25, 2017

A very pleasant visit to Delta Lounge at LAX

Great food, wine and comfort
Patti Pietschmann

These wraps are delicious
Even though Delta was in the midst of a major terminal change at LAX there was little disruption at is attractive Sky Lounge. (Although we had to stroll over tp Terminal 2 as the one in Terminal wasn't ope yet).  In fact a two hour visit waiting for our flight to Maui proved very comfortable. It is stocked with all sorts of snacks and they even brought food around--like a delicious kale and fish salad. Even this wine sob approved the labels. There's also booze and other beverages.

Beverage and snack selections Delta Sky Club at Terminal 2 and Terminal 3 at LAX. Terminal 3 Club location opens on May 24 and will be available during  enhancements scheduled for completion by January 2018. The Club at Terminal 2 — opening May 13 — will have showers, so you can get refreshed after a long 
We enjoyed a delicious chicken dinner in First Class en route to Maui (this dining Diva rarely raves about airline food)