Friday, July 29, 2016

Rick Dees' does desserts justice in one of the greatest cookbooks of all times

Beloved LA radio star/writer/personality Rick Dees pens epic epicurean tome

Okay before I tell you about this truly entertaining cookbook I  have a couple of confessions:
1. I  don't  bake (although Dees' book just might change that)
2. I rarely eat dessert (but should I decide to take a stab at one of his recipes,even though they look easy, I will have  to sample the fruits of my labor). I am however a foodie who dines around a lot. But my husband Richard is the chief dinner cook when we eat home so he'll really love this book.
3. I am a writer who knows  good reading when I see it and this book is truly as entertaining as it is helpful.
4.  I was once Rick Dee's Dining Diva on one of his LA radio shows. My husband and I met him on a cruise ship which served lots of desserts.
5.  I also know Wolfgang Puck
The book opens with a Dees-lightful, I didn't  know that, introduction by celebrity chef/entrepreneur Wolfgang Puck. Wolfie, as he's affectionately called  in culinary circles talks about meeting Dees at  his first Spago restaurant in West Hollywood (it has since relocated to Beverly Hills)  where Dees announced that the pizza was Number 1 for all  the world to hear on his morning radio  show (and he had tons of listeners).

Dees actually posts a photo of himself in the book as a fat, little dessert-loving fourth-grader who trimmed down during his late teens and adult life by working off the calorie

But Dees steals the show after the initial intros with recipes for everything from apple  pie to everything  in-between--chocolate  chip cookies, pecan pie, Moravian "OMG" cake and more, all interspersed with Dees special sense of humor and anecdotes. I'm still reading an lovin it as it's all finger licking good.

If you love desserts, like to bake and want some dees-licious recipes to serve friends and family get a copy of Rick Dees All-Time Top 40 Greatest Desserts go to and