Saturday, December 16, 2017

Chef Mavro presents a winter wonderland of flavors at his top Oahu restaurant

Savor fabulous holiday menus from small plates to grand tastings

Patti Pietschmann 
Chef Mavro and wife Donna

Small plates allow you to construct  your own menu, or share with your friends, as many or as few dishes you like…freedom!

The 9-course Grand Tasting plus amuse bouche, 
plus pre-dessert and Jose Calpito's amazing mignardises. This is a feast & is the most civilized & decadent way to spend 2 ½ hours with your party.

Flown in from France the PĂ©rigord truffles are here to give an extra excitement to your dinner! They are beautiful in quality with an exceptional aroma, you can almost smell them just driving by the restaurant on King Street...

Mavro's will slice them on your favorite dish or serve 
them with their legendary Peterson egg “osmose!”  Pictured above.

The new lobster is more from Japanese inspiration than ever. Keahole losbster, charred carrot, miso mustard, persimmon brulé with black tea.

The Seared Foie Gras, ulu (breadfruit) and yuzu is
 amazing, too. 
Star Pastry Chef Jose Calpito is feeling Winter!
Kabocha, pumpkin mocha, kabocha curry mousse, lilikoi confiture, coconut sorbet & macaroon, kaffir lime dust. His desserts are worth a special trip.
Chef Mavro | 808-944-4714 | |

Christmas trees are pricier than ever but not at these lots

Christmas trees from Oliver Holt and Sons and Daughters 

Patti Pietschmann

I have bought my  Christmas tree from this family-run operation  every year  for a long time.  Not only is there a huge selection but the prices are a lot lower than other lots in the Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley area. Their 62 years in business has earned them a loyal clientele, like yours truly, who wouldn't go anywhere else.

 Olive Holt and Sons and Daughters  Christmas tree lots are available at five locations each one filled with a super selection  from small to giant , with custom flocking and home delivery available.  

This year's tree bought yesterday at Oliver Holt

  • 6150 Laurel Canyon Road at the 170 Freeway in the old Macys parking lot.
  • 9201 Winnetka Avenue at Praire 
  • 16940 Devonshire & Balboa in Ralph's parking lot
  • 14136 Hubbard St. between Glenoaks and Herrick
  • 3805 West Olive Avenue across the street from Warner Bros. in Burbank 
   Prices listed on Oliver Holt's website are $79.95 for a 6 to 7 foot flocked Grand or Plantation Douglas Fir; $39.95 for 5 foot Plantation Douglas Fir, $6 off trees over $25 and $10 off any tree over $60.  You will need to print a coupon for these specials at 

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Tinsel Town's Hollywood Hotel offering a festive holiday deal

Perfect place to escape holiday havoc for a night or two
Patti Pietschmann

Courtesy of The Hollywood Hotel

While the Hollywood Hotel isn't actually in the heart of Tinsel Town it's not far away in an area on Vermont Avenue near trendy  Los Feliz. It was once Hollywood Boulevard (circa 1903) when  H.J. Whitley, the tycoon credited with establishing Hollywood, built it. 

As the city began to grow with the advent of the silent film era. Rudolph Valentino, who lived in room 264, met and married his first wife, Jean Acker, there, and spent their honeymoon in his room. In 1964 Hollywood Hotel  relocated to its current spot  and has since become an icon in its own right. International athletes and dignitaries have stayed at the hotel. American celebrities, including Kristen Wiig, Drew Barrymore, Aidan Quinn, Jessica Biel, John Krasinski, BJ Novak and Jason Rittter, have either attended or performed at the hotel’s comedy club open mic nights.

The 130-room Hollywood Hotel is all aglitter for the season making it an adorable place to just get away from the fray for a night or two.  What's more it is is offering a very enticing package  that includes:
·         Weekly dramatic readings of classic holiday stories in the hotel’s recently remodeled courtyard 
·         Universal Studios Day Passes to experience the renowned theme park in true Hollywood holiday style, including the annual Grinchmas celebration 
·         Special holiday cocktail The Poinsettia available at the Courtyard Bar (additional cost)
·         Insider tips to enjoy Hollywood’s best holiday celebrations and activities for the whole family to enjoy.
You also get a free buffet breakfast. Rates for the Hollywood Hotel Holiday Package start at $325 per night for two guests and can be booked at

 Facilities include a pool and a the Casablanca-like 1160 Bar & Lounge, located at on the lower level offering  an intimate and stylish atmosphere as well as free WiFi.i

For more information or reservation call 1-800-800-9733, 323-315-1800, or visit, or follow the hotel on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The hotel is located at 1160 Vermont Ave., Hollywood, CA 90029.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Belvedere creates the 007 martini for your holiday tippling pleasure

Vodka company presents James Bond shaken, not stirred cocktail

Patti Pietschmann

Martini drinkers are very fussy about their cocktail. The true devotee of the potent beverage can even take their pickiness to peckishness.  Some, especially the true aficianada  like it with gin and an iota of vermouth, others  prefer vodka, which is what Belvedere is banking on.
The world's original luxury vodka has partnered  with EON Productions to bring James Bond's iconic "shaken, not stirred" cocktail to the finest lounges around the world.
"Ordering a vodka martini signals appreciation of the classic cocktail, which has been demonstrated effortlessly by James Bond throughout the years," said Rodney Williams, president of Belvedere Vodka. "We believe the martini is the best place for our vodka's character to shine through, and we are proud to present the Official Belvedere 007TM martini."
Bond's preferred "shaken, not stirred" vodka martini has become such an iconic catchphrase that, in 2005, it was selected as one of the 100 most famous lines in film. The Official Belvedere 007TM martini, available at the world's most refined cocktail bars, is crafted with Belvedere Vodka, Dry Vermouth and is always "shaken, not stirred". Elegant, balanced and distinctive, it is full of character with every sip and finished off with a lemon twist.
The Official Belvedere 007TM martini  60 ml / 2 oz. Belvedere Vodka  
10 ml / 1/3 oz Dry Vermouth  
Shaken, not stirred  
Garnish with a lemon twist
Excellent choice, Mr. Bond.
Follow Belvedere on Instagram @belvederevodka or visit 

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Take the hassle out of holiday parking at The Parking Spot

Easy, convenient, safe spot to leave your car at LAX or around the US while doing your holiday hopping

Patti Pietschmann

Photo from theParkingSpot website
My first intro to the Parking Spot  at LAX  on Sepulveda Blvd. was thanks for a keen-eyed PR agency who sent me a few passes back when I was the Travel Diva at (the site since was pulled by the owner for more lucrative grounds).  Anyhow I couldn't figure how a parking lot could be any different from another.

Boy was I wrong.  First of all they give you free water! And they used to give you a newspaper, maybe still do at some spots. There's rooftop  spaces (the cheapest) and covered available to self situate or use a valet (cost you a little more, but worth it).

The vans runs frequently to and from the terminals with nice drivers who load and unload your bags for you and get you as close as allowable by airport regulations.

The ParkingSpot even  has a club that you can join for free and get discounts, reservations and other perks. 

We have parked our cars there for weeks at a time and it's always been excellent. The van picked us up within minutes of our arrival  at the curb. Our car was clean and safe and the water they gave at check out tasted so good.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Save big bucks when renting a car on Maui with this Kihei Company

No luxury wheels but cheap and clean cars

Patti Pietschmann

Kamaoli Beach Maui by Richard Pietschmann
We visit Maui regularly and because we stay mostly in condos, always need to rent a car. After years of paying premium to pick up a car at the Kahalui Airport we discovered Kihei Rent a Car--a low budget operation that picks you up at the airport and drives you to Kihei to pick up your car thereby saving you that excessive airport car pickup charge. 

While not quite rent--a-wrecks, the cars are all a couple of years old or older but they run and are clean inside. We have saved nearly half that other rental car outfits charge. Check out rates for discount cars here.

The folks who work at Kihei Rent A Car exude that Aloha spirit, friendly, kind and helpful and they love cats which stay with them in 'the shack' during working hours 

So let's talk story, as they said in Hawaii, the company's been in business since 1990. It was started by  Dave and Sugar Hunkins and daughter, Marj, with a lot of hard work and family “stick-to-it-tiveness”. Here’s their story...

Dave and Sugar met in  Honolulu in 1957, married later that year and welcomed twin daughters in 1958.  They returned to the mainland to raise the family in the snowbelt, where the girls would receive a fine education and develop a good work ethic.  By then, there were four daughters all enrolled in college when they sold everything and moved back to Maui.
A lifetime business man, Dave thought it would be better to get his feet wet by working for someone else before starting a new business in Hawaii, so he got a job with a small auto rental agency at the Maui airport. Dave’s love of people and his warm and engaging personality quickly helped build the fledgling company into a very successful business.
During this time, he started to formulate new ideas on how a car rental business could be run to provide even better service for the money than the company he worked for was set up to allow. He decided to branch out on his own. Using funds from their savings and money chipped in from the kids, Dave and Sugar leased 26 vehicles (some from the company he previously worked for) and set up shop on a tiny little lot in Kihei. They also bought the name of a rental car company that was going out of business. That company was Kihei Rent A Car.
As visitors returned the following year to Dave’s former company wanting to rent a car, they realized Dave was gone. Finding out he had started his own company, a lot of his former customers tracked him down and rented their cars from Dave and his new agency. Through this kind of loyalty, the business has grown. From 26 cars, Kihei Rent A Car now owns over 350 vehicles and is constantly adding more to meet the ever growing demand.
Stop on in and meet the Hunkins. Though Dave and Sugar are retired now and living in Hana, they pop in once in awhile to see how things are going. The kids, Lynn, Jayne and Marj, and now grandsons Mat, Ryan and Dustin are there running the shop, with the same friendly, dedicated service that their parents did. Meeting them, you’ll see why people searched Dave out and kept coming back year after year. In fact, some of the original people that rented from them the first year are still renting from them. The Hunkins consider them part of the Kihei Rent A Car family.

Monday, December 4, 2017

An ode to Crunch Fitness

Or how it got me over moody Monday blues

Patti Pietschmann

Another moody Monday
And all through the office
Every creature was stirring
Even my mouse
The PC was  humming
And so was the laptop
Texts were coming
Along with phone calls
But  to my wonder
I was  stuck in a rut
Couldn't respond
Or get anything done
My mood was somber
My ambition low
I need to get  moving
And put on a show
But again to my wonder
It just wouldn't come
So I headed  to Crunch
For some fitness fun
And fun it was
Doing wacky workouts
And enjoying the FREE weights
Then ending it all
In a heavenly steam

Crunch 8000 Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood and nationwide (Puerto Rico included). Sign up here for a free pass.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Two talented chefs create the best little soul food restaurant in the west

Soul is still special the second time around 
Patti Pietschmann

Festive holiday decor, a table of happy diners softly singing lovely songs, hipsters sipping happy hour drinks and others eagerly sinking their teeth into some of the best southern-style cuisine this side of the of the country.  We're talking dinner at Soul Hollywood Restaurant--the creation of a pair of clever chefs,
Adorable and ebullient Yealang Smith (pictured left) and equally cute Giulian Jones

You must have wine to truly enjoy Soul's foodie delights and the menu offers perfect pairings beside each dish. We stuck with the Licco Chard but next visit will pair with courses for sure. They have lots of wines available.

Hurry and book your table as this restaurant could quickly become the heart and soul of Hollywood and hard to get into once the A-list hears about it.  After all Yealang once had a catering company that fed such famous faces as Toni Braxton, Snoop Dog, Master P, TLC and many others such as Eddie Murphy. 

Was that Whoopie

Last night the stylish upstairs loft and downstairs rooms were buzzing, we might have even spotted Whoopie Goldberg, not sure but she was a dead ringer for the star. Anyhow even Yealang's family was in house (they're the ones that provided some background vocals that truly set a souful scene).

We first dined at Soul shortly after it opened in August this year and we were blown away by the food. Well the second visit didn't disappoint. Every dish was remarkable from the BBQ plate of tender pork ribs, pork shoulder, beef brisket, halibut, fried chicken, succotash and to the soy milk and cookies:

Halibut on pureed cauliflower and impossibly tasty housemade corn bread

Talk about southern comfort, what's more soothing than cookies and milk
Soul's food is fairly-priced at just $24 for fresh, wild halibut, salads for $12 and $13, cornbread is $7 and easily serves four, a choice rib eye with poached lobster tail however will set you back  a well-worth $38.

You must have wine to truly enjoy Soul's foodie delights and the menu offers perfect pairings beside each dish. Soul is good anytime but it has a very special vibes this time of year. And since Soul opened a steady stream of celebs have been there.   After all Yealang once had a catering company that fed such famous faces as Toni Braxton, Snoop Dog, Master P, TLC and many others such as Eddie Murphy. 

Soul is open for lunch Monday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. and  dinner daily. There's happy hour every day from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. and 10 p.m. til closing and an ab fab weekend brunch from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. 

Special deals and discounts

Live Music To Feed Your Soul  go to Calendar of Events - @soul_hollywood

 Monday: Hospitality Industry Night show your business card or employee ID to receive 15% off food and non-alcoholic beverages and 10% off liquor, beer and wine

Tuesday: All day happy  hour

 Wednesday: half-price bottled Wine + $2 off Wine by the glass
(applies to select bottles only)

Thursday: Hollywood Locals Day--Show proof of residence to receive 15% off food and non-alcoholic beverages and 10% off liquor, beer, and wine

Soul is located at 7046 Hollywood Blvd., next to the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. 

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Where to find the best Italian food in LA for a song

Little Toni's is about as good as it gets for the price

Patti Pietschmann

 Luscious lasagna with meat balls ab fab for $14.95
Veal parm with pasta and meat sauce for just $14.95 and it comes with soup or salad (had the Minestrone which was as good a  mu mom  Nell Covello used to make).

Of course the menu goes the full Monty from antipastos to pizzas. And they have a reputation for the best cheesecake in LA (we took it home to judge tonight because the portions are so large we couldn't fit it in). 

There  is an inexpensive wine list  that doesn't rip you off like lots of places these days that you can buy  by bottle or glass.

The service was swift and efficient. The ambiance, Italian with the scents of garlic whafting through the air. 

You can beat the prices for food this good. 

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

A 'couple' of royal reasons to visit England now

Prince Harry's engagement to American Actress adds excitement to a trip across the pond
Patti Pietschmann

All the world loves a royal wedding. Facts be known, according to  Visit London,  800,000 more Americans visited London in 2011 than in 2010 after Will and Kate’s engagement and wedding in 2011.  And yesterday’s announcement of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s engagement is sure to add to the excitement and attraction.  

You can be part of history by heading across the pond by sea on a glorious transAtantic voyage aboard the Queen Mary2
 (like we did last October from New York) or on a jet plane (choose from a variety of carriers).

What's more, you can get the full Royal treatment when you book Trafalgar’s London Explorer, an eight-day guided vacation through London, Windsor and Oxford, with visits to Buckingham Palace, home to the Queen of England; Westminster Abbey, where Prince William and Kate were married in 2011; and Kensington Palace, where the new royal couple will reside after the wedding.  

For couples seeking romance  there's Trafalgar’s Delights of London and Paris vacation that takes in the same regal sights in London, as well as heavenly Parisian icons like the Eiffel Tower and Tuleries gardens.

In celebration of the engagement there[s a special  book now offer good through December 11 for summer 2018 departures on London Explorer and Delights of London and Paris  that includes a 10% early payment discount and a complimentary royal afternoon tea for two at The Milestone-- a prestigious Grade II, five-star boutique Red Carnation Hotel across from Kensington Palace that dates back to the 17th Century. Both trips also include all premium accommodations, multiple meals and on-trip transport. With the early payment discount, prices start at $2,385 per person, double occupancy, for London Explorer, and $2,605 per person, double occupancy, for Delights of London and Paris.

An American Idol appearing live at Soul Hollywood

Vonzell Solomon to entertain diners at popular Hollywood spot
Patti Pietschmann

When: Wednesday, November 29, 2017 7:00 p.m. – 10 p.m.,
Who: Vonzell Solomon aka Baby V,”-- an internationally known singer, songwriter, producer, recording artist, model and actress and second runner-up on the fourth season of “American Idol”.       
Where Soul Hollywood at 7046 Hollywood,  323-962-7685.

Then beginning in January, 2018 – Thursday nights will rock with the All Day Sucker band ( The  band will be joined by Jay Gore, David Goodstein and Dan Rothchild, who produced their latest album, “Denim Days.”

Soul is brought to you by Chef Giulian Jones who comes from a “Blues” household and upbringing and has cooked for the Foo Fighters, Jane’s Addiction and more. Open less than a year, the stylish eatery/bar is already one of the trendiest in tinsel town. You will love the soulful cuisine, Southern spirits and cocktails, craft beers and extensive curated wine list.

Hours are:
Lunch is 11 a.m. – 4 p.m., and Dinner service: 4 p.m. - 11 p.m.  seven days per week.  The bar is open until  2 a.m.  Happy Hour is 4 p.m. – 7 p.m. and again from 10 p.m. until close, daily.  Validated Valet parking is available at Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel for $10.

Holiday happenings around the world from NY to London

Take tea in New York, Dublin or  London or get tipsy and toasty in San Francisco
Patti Pietschmann

Heading out of town for the holidays? Here are a few festive choices to consider: 

Hotel in San Francisco  is providing holiday buzzes  this season with the “Tipsy & Toasty” package. Details include: two complimentary holiday cocktails at Benjamin Cooper; a 50% discount on valet parking and acess to discounted tickets to the Safeway Holiday Ice Rink. All for a starting rate of $179 a night from now through 
 December 31, 2017 (subject to availability). Call 877-828-4478 or visit

About Hotel G San Francisco
Located in the heart of Union Square and just steps from the city’s best shopping, Macy’s holiday tree, and ice rink, the hotel is close to shopping, skating and places to party the night away. Amenities include cocktail and oyster bar Benjamin Cooper, a Technogym fitness center, a meeting room, complimentary WiFi  and 24-hour front desk service. Nearby attractions include Union Square, Moscone Center, San Francisco’s Museum of Modern Art, Chinatown, AT&T Park, Fisherman’s Wharf and more. Follow the hotel on Instagram/Twitter @hotelg_sf and

Take tea and see at New York's Pembroke Room at The Lowell which will be offering a special Holiday Tea that comes with a choice of a Noir Parfume Black Tea, a Vert Parfume Green Tea, and a Tisane de Noel. The black tea has traditional flavors of orange, caramel and pineapple and a hint of maraschino cherry, infused with orange peels and bits of fruits; the green tea features hints and aromas of orange, cinnamon, vanilla, apple, almond and ginger; and the tisane is caffeine-free option with a blend of cinnamon, cocoa, liquor ice, pink peppercorn and a hint of ginger and pepper. In addition to these warming teas, guests will get a glass of sparkling wine, a selection of tea sandwiches, scones with clotted cream and jam, and sweets including petit fours, macarons, and eclairs. Tea service costs $65 per person

In jolly ole London Jean-Georges at The Connaught is launching festive with chocolate fondue paired with gingerbread men, black forest chocolate mousse and cherry jam, chestnut tart with blueberry jam and mulled wine jelly, and almond praline coconut rocher. Winding back the clock to a childhood favorite, guests will depart with gourmet cotton candy for the ultimate festive sweet treat. Through the restaurant’s floor-to-ceiling windows tea-goers will even be able to see the Connaught Christmas Tree designed by artist Tracey Emin, which will be revealed on Carlos Place on November 30.

Doing tea in Dublin smack in the middle of Dublin’s best shopping district, The Westbury has an afternoon Tea menu  inspired by Christmas’ aromas and tastes with some twists on traditional favorites such as honey-baked Limerick ham, mince pies and handmade miniature desserts such as a Chestnut and White Chocolate Parfait with cranberry compote and a Pear and Mulled Wine Tart. Specially selected teas have been added to the menu for the season including a Winter Oolong with a nutty-chocolatey flavor combined with oranges, the Winter Surprise with an aromatic blend of black tea, cinnamon, and marzipan, and the Christmas Star green tea, a tart Sencha with notes of cinnamon and orange.  €50 per person


Monday, November 27, 2017

Christmas comes to the Claridge in a blaze of festive lights

Jaw-dropping Karl Lagerfeld designed tree adorns lobby
Patti Pietschmann reports...
Every Yultide  Claridge’s, London’s legendary Mayfair outdoes itself with decoration. And this year is no exception.  Kark Lagerfeld has brough his childhood memories of Christmas to life with a series of inverted spruce Christmas Trees placed around the hotel lobby. 

The centerpiece is a sixteen-foot tall inverted tree with silver gilded roots topped with a multi-facetted mirrored star which reflects rays of magical light across the art deco lobby. Reminiscent of a silver stalactite, the tree is hung with traditional silver lametta decorations, silver butter leather feathers and snowflakes handmade by craftsmen in Germany with tree candles giving a warm glow. Under the tree sits hand-sewn white Icelandic sheepskin rugs to reflect a recent snowfall.

An inverted candlelit tree takes the place of Claridge’s famous central chandelier to add a touch of Christmas chic. The pure white linen cloths than cover the tables under the various trees are symbolic of a Christmas ritual that Lagerfeld’s mother would perform every year.  “Christmas trees are the strongest ‘souvenir’ of my happy childhood,” says Lagerfeld.
 The art deco Mayfair, Claridge’s, part of Maybourne Hotel Group, located in the heart of t he city, personifies a grand English style with its timeless glamour and impeccable personalized service.

Fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld gained his fame with his cutting-edge, aspirational and relevant approach to style. His creativity goes outside the runway to include illustration, photography, interior design and publishing. In addition to be the creative director of the Chanel and Fendi fashion houses, he is also heads the creative direction of his signature brand, KARL LAGERFELD.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Holiday gift guide: the perfect children's gift "Raven's Plan" by Nancy Hollenbeck

A beautifully  illustrated trip through Alaska's magical Tongass  National Forest
Patti Pietschmann pick for best children's Christmas gift ever

This year give the young ones on  your list a real, hard cover book to  remind them of the joys of reading and looking at amazing illustrations by talented writer, photographer and winner of         Alaska State Heroism Medal recipient, Nancy Davis Hollenbeck. Read it ,too, you will love it.

"Raven's Plan to Fool Man," is a Southeast Alaskan forest tale that opens with a raven and talks about how it all began in the spring, after the snow as  creatures entered the forest. Readers will smile as they come across rabbits, moose, wolves and characters such as  "old and gray haired Charlie who lived in a forest cabin for years."

Quote the raven...."Raven’s Plan to Fool Man"  is available at Alaska Book Stores, Todd Communications at, and

About the author

Cute as a button,Nancy Davis Hollenbeck is an accomplished writer, photographer and artist, whose family shares a rich Alaskan history. Her grandfather, Charles A. Davis, was an originator of the Alaska Guide Association. He homesteaded in Hope, where the family worked at a placer gold mine. Her father, Captain Charles A. Davis, Jr. worked at Merrill Field in Anchorage prior to WWII. He flew B-29’s in the Pacific Theater, returning to Anchorage to become a pilot with Pacific Northern Airlines, which merged with Western Airlines and later Delta Airlines.

Nancy followed in her dad's  footsteps, joining Wien Consolidated Airlines as a flight attendant after graduating from Western Washington University. Governor William Egan bestowed the Alaska Heroism Medal on her, following the hijacking of her maiden flight. She was the Art Director for Wien’s in-flight magazine, which won the Alaska Press Club’s Best Magazine of the Year award. She won a national Clio for an Alaska Airline poster, when she was the Vice President of Pacific Advertising in Seattle. 

The Hollenbecks  have penned more than two dozen books, including the pictorials Southeast Alaska and Alaska Airlines, which showcased it’s 80 year history. The talented couple have also enjoyed a successful career lecturing aboard cruise lines and around the world.

Raven’s Plan To Fool Man and other Hollenbeck books are distributed by Todd Communications, the largest publisher and distributor of books, calendars and maps on Alaska, with more than 3000 titles in its inventory.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

What is it like to be on the fly for Thanksgivings on Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines on a Thanksgiving flight from Maui

Patti & Richard Pietschmann

We bid a fond goodbye to Maui after two glorious weeks in  the gorgeous Mana Kai #215 comdo
We flew back to LA on Thanksgiving Day on Delta. It wasn't our first choice, but the cheapest and the only one until the end of November we could book. It wasn't too bad even though the flight attendant wished passengers "Happy holidays," instead of naming the day.  There was quite a bit of turbulence, but not the scary sort.

They didn't serve turkey and trimmings but the chicken dish, pictured below, was pretty tasty and so was the Chardonnay.

We really served a lot on our First Class seats by flying on turkey day, so if you don't mind missing the big family dinner and celebration, I recommend it.